Little Kickers

Little Kickers

Program Format

  • The program this year will be led by Erin Exline, our Director of Recreation, and will be staffed by several of our recreation coaches and PTFC players. 
  • The first half of each session will be focused on a specific technical aspect of soccer (dribbling, controlling the ball, agility, shooting etc.) and the second part of each session will be a game.


  • Shin guards are required for participation in all sessions for safety. We will enforce this; please don’t forget your child’s shin guards.
  • If you want to purchase a soccer ball we recommend a size 3 (be sure to write your child’s name on the ball)
  • Cleats are not required, but they are highly recommended
  • If your child doesn’t want to participate during a session, don’t force them to; keep them on the side of the field with you and let them watch, if they see the other kids playing they’ll usually decide to join in on their own.
  • Parent participation is required during games, please line the sides of the field and keep the ball in play.

Weather Policy

  • If it rains significantly on Friday, we won’t have Little Kickers on Saturday
  • Please check the website for cancellations


  • Remember that the kids are here to have fun. Please only show encouragement to your children and other children. Kids need to be shown sportsmanship before they can learn it.